1380553_10151664700851048_2142109195_nI started my comedic journey in 2006 at Logan Murray’s world famous stand-up comedy class. From there I quickly became one of the best new acts on the London circuit, becoming finalist in the Amused Moose, Funny Women and So You Think You’re Funny competitions. Everyone had such high hopes for me! But I decided to quit comedy and head to BERLIN!

That is until I found Berlin’s fledgling (at the time) English comedy scene. It’s amazing how much it’s grown over the years, I like to think I had a significant part in nurturing it at my teat.

I now co-run the rather spiffing We Are Not Gemused, I improvise a whole bunch at Comedy Cafe Berlin  and I’ve done shows all over Europe and it’s all going very well. Now I even teach comedy, so that’s nice.